Our Goals


Build the Foundation


Education is not free in Samoa so to go to school there are fees for each semester.  Pacific Light of Hope’s desire is to work with families who are poverty stricken and schools around the island to help with the costs for education.  The highest percentage of kids to get to the 7th and 8th grades and drop out of school to support their families full time working on the farm, fishing, or as street vendors.  This in turn continues the cycle of poverty for these families. Pacific Light of Hope will help change this cycle.

We reach families who ordinarily do not have the sources to pay for their education and achieve their hope of their kids to graduate high school.  The needs are great in this regard and in some cases, children don’t even go to school. They work on the family plantation or go to the market to sell the goods from their farm for their family.  It’s not that the parents don’t want their children to go to school, they just can’t afford it. The average grade school child, grades 1-6 pay $400.00 US dollars a year to go to school.

Pacific Light of Hope also connects with schools around the island to meet specific needs of that particular school.  The common needs of most of the schools are school supplies and teaching equipment such as computers down to the desks for students.


We at Pacific Light of Hope Ministries envision the stability for families in Samoa who are in need come from the Scripture in Galations 6:2 “Carry each others burdens and in this way you will fulfill the Law of Christ.”  This ministry gives hope for families in Samoa that are in need of paying for their children’s education or other aids of educational purposes like school supplies and other school related items. We also aid in providing good homes (shelters) that are safe and sufficient, help with medical bills or treatments, water tanks for clean drinking water, and food supplies as well as helping families create an environment where they are able to grow their own vegetables and farm.

We can be a voice and a hope for those who are in need in the Samoan community that their struggles will be met through those who help this ministry by generous donations and working hands who want to volunteer to serve these people.   By this we will enable numerous families to be able to receive help according to their needs.

Poverty in Samoa is relative and many suffer from the poverty of opportunity.  Rural areas are less likely to have the benefits of resources like young people facing problems with unemployment and among the ages of 15 to 29 the unemployment rate is as high as 16.8%.  Poorer families in remote parts of the island are particularly vulnerable to disadvantages. The highest exposure to poverty occurs in areas stricken by cyclones, tsunamis and torrential rains.  Constant destruction of homes, farms and work places leave those who live in these areas more disadvantaged than the higher populated parts of the island.


Focus on the Family


Galations 6:2


Pacific Light of Hope is dedicated to helping the people of Samoa to achieve something greater for their families whether it’s through education or providing a shelter for a family in need.  There is also something that this ministry wants to achieve as well. By giving not only hope in this life for families in need but to minister to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope He can give them not only in this life but through all eternity.  It is so important that we achieve not only helping the natural state of people in Samoa that are in need but more importantly who is behind this ministry and leading this ministry forward and that is our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ.

You have seen the verse Galations 6:2 all over this website,  “Carry each others burdens and in this way you can fulfill the Law of Christ.”  It is so important for everyone to understand we are available to help these people in many ways and the best gift of this ministry and what it can give is the Hope that each person that comes into contact with us is the ultimate Hope that Jesus can bring to each one.  We are the hands and feet of Jesus doing His work to where He has called us to do in this part of the world. We believe for the opportunities not only to help families but to minister to them at the same time about Jesus and His love for them.

Not only Pacific Light of Hope is here to help families with stability but to share the Love of God giving them hope that God still cares for His children.




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